What's inside?

So. Much. Illustration. Inspiration! This volume is bigger than ever & packed full of art, stories, comics, projects, interviews & lots more. We've curated it to keep you busy and inspired. It's perfect for young creatives, as well as teachers, parents, illustration students and artists or makers.  

Our cover artist Matthew Forsythe joins us for a special interview and look into the creative process of crafting a cover. We've got letters & art from our readers, including a wonderful project inspired by the art of Flora Waycott. There's also a feature on Peachtober - the most wonderfully artsy time of the year - including an interview with founder Sha'an d'Anthes & art from over thirty magical creatives.

We've got gardening activities (inspired by books!), an illustration breakdown & exclusive interview with Zeno Sworder, incredible floating floral art from Anne ten Donkelaar, a very sweet paper-folding project, and a look into a backyard ink making project turned Student Handmade Ink Company. 

There's also another instalment of the Illustrator Toolkit by Samantha Hughes - this time, Artie shows you through composition! It'll teach you all about rearranging your artworks to tell a story with your composition. 

Flight takes a trip to Japan & we meet some fabulous illustrators and artists along the way, including Toshiyuki Fukuda, Mizuki Goto, and Ryôji Arai. You'll be able to dive into another Book Paths too - follow your favourite clues to find your next read. We chat to Naomi Kido - a ceramicist who crafts the sweetest & most storied little cats. 

More? There's more! There's also art from our latest Collage Drift, some excellent comic strips from some of our youth contributors, a feature on some beautiful illustration & writing tools, and some very magic endpapers to tie it all together. 

& lots more...