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Andrea Beatty / David Roberts

Aaron Slater, Illustrator

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An uplifting story about the power of art, finding your voice, and telling your story even when you're out of step with your peers.

From the #1 bestselling creators of Sofia Valdez, Future Prez and Ada Twist, Scientist!  

Aaron Slater loves listening to stories and dreams of one day writing them himself. But when it comes to reading, the letters just look like squiggles to him, and it soon becomes clear he struggles more than his peers.

When his teacher asks each child in the class to write a story, Aaron can't get a single word down. He is sure his dream of being a storyteller is out of reach . . . until inspiration strikes, and Aaron finds a way to spin a tale in a way that is uniquely his.  


Author: Andrea Beatty

Illustrator: David Roberts

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 40

Imprint: Abrams Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: 4 Nov 2021

ISBN: 9781419753961