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Olivia Bargman

Art is Everywhere

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Art is everywhere. It's in our galleries, on our streets and even in our homes.

Under the playful guidance of Keith, a world-renowned art historian (who also happens to be an ostrich), this book encourages young readers to use the basic tools of visual analysis when studying art, giving them the eyes to see art outside of the restrictions of a gallery.

This book aims to show that art isn't always about classical paintings and knowing the right answers. It's about making up your own mind, seeing things from a different angle and - most importantly - having fun with it.

With text by Professor Eleanor Chan, this is a joyful introduction to art history.


By (author): Eleanor Chan

Illustrated by: Olivia Bargman

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 48

Imprint: Big Picture

Publication Date: 15 Nov 2022

ISBN: 9781787419100