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Myke Mollard

Australian Dinosaurs and Mega Beasts

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This unique book captures the range and diversity of the wondrous Australian wildlife from prehistory.

The book includes over 70 animals that lived in Australia at various times during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras (ie from 250 million years ago), from sea creatures to amphibians, dinosaurs, reptiles, birds and mammals.

With meticulous attention to the environment and flora of each period, the book presents a succession of the huge animals that marched, flew and swam across our landscape, from the terrifying Daspletosaurus to the more sedentary Diprotodon.

This book invites and engages kids (and kid-adults) of all ages to find, discover and learn all the animal names and compare their different types. Assisted by leading palaeontologists, author Myke has ensured the illustrations are as anatomically correct as possible as well as vibrant and engaging.


Author: Myke Mollard

Illustrator: Myke Mollard

Format: Hardcover


Publication Date: 01 Nov 2022

ISBN: 9781922800060