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Myke Mollard

Australia's Dangerous Bush Creatures

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Myke Mollard’s signature illustrations and engaging text bring kids up close and personal with 47 of Australia’s most deadly and dangerous creatures, helping them to discover the true nature of these wonderful animals. As fearsome as many of them sound, what they will come to realise on reading this book is that these creatures live mostly peacefully among us.

Their deadly venoms, scary teeth and animal behaviour are normally just used as warning signs or, rarely, in defence. In reading, children will come to understand these creatures better, gain courage and form a proper respect for them.

The beauty, majesty and wonderment of these stunning creatures, delivered in an engaging cinematic punch, will excite the imaginations of children for life.


Author / Illustrator: Myke Mollard

Format: Hardcover


Publication Date: 08 Apr 2022

ISBN: 9781925868869