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Sean E Avery

Friendly Bee and Friends

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Friendly Bee wants to be friends with every bug he meets, whether they like it or not.

Meet Friendly Bee: he's a bee who puts himself out there, a bee who sees the best in other beings.

Sometimes, Friendly Bee’s cheerful attitude gets him into trouble – like almost being squashed by an excessively large shoe; or becoming a delicious meal for the mildly homicidal Enormous Hairy Spider.

Luckily, Friendly Bee’s reluctant best friend Angry Wasp is there to save this buzzing buffoon from certain doom – if he really has to.


Author/Illustrator: Sean E Avery

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 160

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

Publication Date: 5 Apr 2023

ISBN: 9781760654351