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Monica McInerney / Danny SNell

Marcie Gill and the Caravan Park Cat

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This heartwarming story by award-winning and bestselling author Monica McInerney will delight readers young and old.

Marcie Gill hasn't had a great start to the Christmas holidays. Her parents aren't talking to each other and the family business - the Snorkel Bay Caravan Park - is in financial trouble. Her younger brother will only talk about his 23 goldfish and her sister is obsessed with tennis. To make matters worse her gran is in the hospital after a bad fall and won't be home for ages.

But then something magical happens. Something that involves a Christmas competition, a black cat called George and a wishing stone. Marcie is about to discover that if you wish hard enough, dreams can come true.


Author: Monica McInerney

Illustrator: Danny Snell

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 256

Imprint: Penguin

Publication Date: 02 Nov 2021

ISBN: 9781760894139