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Samantha Ellen-Bound

Seven Wherewithal Way: Across the Ice and Into the Jungle

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The second book in the epic portal fantasy adventure that began with Seven Wherewithal Way is edge-of-your seat action and adventure for middle grade readers.


Full of heart-in-your-mouth action, unforgettable characters and folklore-inspired magic that feels both fresh and familiar, this is the second instalment in the epic 4-book portal fantasy series Seven Wherewithal Way.

One year ago, Celeste Barden went on the adventure of a lifetime. Now, the next one is about to begin.

Rebellion is brewing in the Realms, and Ferd is on a mission to discover who is behind it all. So when Wherewithal receives word of an attack in the Realm of Jungle, Celeste finally has her chance for another adventure. But when they go to investigate, the portal plummets them not into a tropical jungle but a freezing lake. Somehow, they've ended up in the treacherous Realm of Ice.

Worse still, another hagstone is under threat. The group is determined to find the hagstone before the enemy can, and Celeste is determined to prove that her past heroics were more than a one-off. But when a souvenir from her last adventure threatens the rescue mission, Celeste is left wondering if this time, she might be the reason they fail.

Return to the Realms of Seven Wherewithal Way in this magical and action-packed second instalment in Samantha-Ellen Bound's epic portal fantasy series.
Author: Samantha Ellen- Bound
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 416
Imprint: Affirm Kids
Publication Date: 25 Oct 2022
ISBN: 9781922848062