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Nova Weetman

Sick Bay

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A brave and uplifting story about friendship and acceptance from award-winning Nova Weetman.

Two very different Grade 6 girls meet in their school sick bay. Meg is a loner. Grieving over the death of her father, and struggling with changes at home, she wears slippers to school and hides out in sick bay to avoid other kids. New girl Riley, is a Type 1 diabetic and already popular. She doesn't want to go to sick bay, but sometimes she has to if she's having a high or a low. As Meg and Riley are forced to spend more and more time together in the cramped sick bay room, they start to uncover each other's secrets and find the courage to be who they really are.


Author: Nova Weetman

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 280

Imprint: University of Queensland Press

Publication date: 04 Jun 2019

ISBN: 9780702260322