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Andrea Beatty / David Roberts

Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote : The Questioneers Book #4

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 Miss Lila Greer announces it’s time for Grade Two to get a class pet, and she wants the kids to participate in choosing which one.

After all, they will all have to share the responsibility of caring for it. The class narrows it down to two options: Team Turtle and Team Bird. Sofia is named Election Commissioner, in charge of overseeing a fair and honest election between the two teams.

There’s a classwide campaign, complete with posters, articles, and speeches. Then, it’s time for the election!

But when the votes are counted, there’s a tie, and one vote is missing. How will the class break the tie?

And what happened to the vanishing vote? It’s up to Sofia Valdez and the Questioneers to restore democracy!


Author: Andrea Beatty

Illustrator: David Roberts

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 160

Imprint: Amulet Books

Publication Date: 1 Dec 2020

ISBN: 9781419743504