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Caroline Green & Rikin Parekh

There's a Dog in My Brain: Dog Show Disaster

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CAUTION: contains misbehaving mutts and lots of laughs...

When Dudley the dog wishes he could eat all the cakes in the kitchen, he magically swaps bodies with his owner, ten-year-old Danny. Now Danny's the one who has to be on his best behaviour and Dudley's off the leash!

But disaster awaits when both Danny and Dudley go up against ruthless dog trainer Rex Power and his perfect pooch, Princess Fenella at the local dog show...

Second canine bodyswap caper featuring Danny – the boy trapped in a dog's body – and Dudley – the hapless dog who's hopeless at being human.


Author: Caroline Green

Illustrator: Rikin Parekh

Format: Paperback

Pager Count: 144

Imprint: Walker Books

Publication Date: 3 Nov 2022

ISBN: 9781406399448