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Hayley Lawrence

The Other Side of Tomorrow

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What if you thought you had forever ... To live your life.

To tell your story. But what if forever was taken from you? When your tomorrows are counted, all you have is this moment.

And this story you wish was never yours to tell.

When Abby traded her life in the city for a wholesome new life on the coast, it was meant to be a fresh start for her family.

Behind them was the sickness and sadness of the past.

But sickness doesn’t always play by the rules.

And as Abby’s past threatens to swallow her future, she is forced to decide what is most important. What she will fight for. And she will fight.

For however many days she has left.


Author: Hayley Lawrence

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 304

Imprint: Scholastic Australia

Publication Date: 1 Feb 2022

ISBN: 9781760976453