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Cristy Burne

Beneath the Trees

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Beneath the Trees is an adventure story about courage, leadership and leeches.

It is for everyone who's ever wanted to see a platypus.

Cam and Sophie feel like they've been travelling forever to get to the rainforest and the river and their cousins.

They just want to see a platypus in the wild, but with the rain tipping down and the river turning wild they can't see a thing.

Until suddenly, they can. A platypus is just below them, and it needs help!

But when their rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, it's not just the platypus that needs saving . . .


Age recommendation: 6+

Author: Cristy Burne

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 104

Imprint: Fremantle Press

Publication Date: 2 Feb 2021

ISBN: 9781760990411