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James Foley


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Sally Tinker, the world's foremost inventor under the age of 12, is back with a new adventure in invention.

When Sally's nemesis hatches a fowl and poultry plot, there's no room for the lily-livered.

Sally and co will need all their pluck to return the world to its rightful pecking order. 

When Sally's archenemy Dexter Maelstrom invites her to a demonstration of his new invention, she doesn't expect it to actually work.

Dexter's De-Evolving Ray can turn chickens into dinosaurs!

But when Dexter's chickensaurs break free and go on the hunt, Sally - along with her friend Charli and her baby brother Joe - must avoid becoming chicken feed.

Is Dexter behind this dastardly plan - or is somebody else the bad egg?

This is the fourth book in the S. Tinker Inc. series of graphic novels.


Author / Illustrator: James Foley

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 200

Imprint: Fremantle Press

Publication Date: 29 Sept 2020

ISBN: 9781925815788