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Sabrina Hahn

Colors in Art

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Age range 3 to 6

Explore colours through fine art!

Spark your child’s creativity and curiosity with this delightfully curated colours book featuring some of the world’s most iconic artworks.

In this collection, explore unique palette combinations and revolutionary colour choices throughout art history, from the lush greens of ancient Egyptian panels to Franz Marc’s vibrant Cows, Red, Green, Yellow to the iconic orange sky in Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

With large, colourful text and detailed images, Colors in Art will inspire your budding art lovers to think outside the box as they experience the marvellous world of colour in iconic paintings.


Author: Sabrina Hahn

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 70

Imprint: Sky Pony Press

Publication Date: 19 Apr 2022

ISBN: 9781510768123