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Stephanie Owen Reeder / Liz Duthie

Courageous Kids and their Amazing Adventures

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Stephanie Owen Reeder's Heritage Heroes series celebrates stories of incredible survival, persistence and resilience by young people. This book binds together the five original, beloved stories with two brand new ones:

Brave Bee and the Castaway Kids

Will the Wonderkid and the Elusive Treasure

Amazing Grace and the Sinking Ship

Lennie the Legend and the Remarkable Ride

Marvellous Miss May and the Wondrous Circus

Clever Quong Tart and the New Gold Mountain

Valiant Jane and the Disappearing Trail

Liz Duthie's occasional illustrations give young readers a visual springboard for imagining the story, and picturing themselves as these courageous young people.


Author: Stephanie Owen Reeder

Illustrator; Liz Duthie

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 352

Imprint: National Library of Australia

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2023

ISBN: 9781922507624