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Michael Wagner and Tom Jellett

Dirt by Sea

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Explore our wonderful coastline and the joy of a family road-trip with Dad and Daisy!

Featuring 40 pages of extraordinary comic-style illustrations, this unique picture book will have you dreaming of a holiday around Australia or maybe even planning a van life with the help of the journey map in the endpapers.

The hugely popular creators of Why I Love Footy and Why I Love Summer are back together with a moving family story that is also a true celebration of what we love most about the Australian landscape, family holidays and classic Kombi vans.

Daisy lives in inland Australia with her dad and her grandparents.

It's home, and she loves the red dirt land around her.

But when her dad realises that she's never seen the beach and thinks the Australian anthem is about a country 'dirt by sea', he sets off to show her the ocean in a once-in-a-lifetime father-daughter trip along the Australian coast, inspired by the first holiday he took with Daisy's mum.

Along the way they will learn about Australia and much, much more . . .


Author: Michael Wagner

Illustrator: Tom Jellett

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 40

Imprint: Puffin

Publication Date: 20 Sept 2022

ISBN: 9781760894061