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Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Draw Every DayDraw Every Way

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Conceived by Instagram's daily sketch sensation @augustwren, this guided journal encourages carving out a moment of self-expression every day.

To conquer the intimidating prospect of filling 365 blank pages, Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way is divided into monthly themes, with undated daily prompts that suggest what to draw each day.

You can work through the journal from front to back, or jump around and draw whatever appeals to you at the time.

Monthly themes include:

A month of nature

A month of your favorite things

A month of characters

A month of print and patterns

Jennifer Orkin Lewis (aka @augustwren) encourages experimentation with a one-page tutorial at the beginning of each month that outlines accessible ways to draw with different materials, such as ballpoint pens, colored pencils, paint, and collage.

Coupled with sections of varying paper types, there is an unlimited canvas available to flourish artistically; brown craft paper pairs well with black ink and white pencil, black paper is great for white and metallic gel pens, and heavy white paper is included for painting.

The journal is not only useful as a stress-reliever and as a mode of personal exploration, but also as a way of changing visual thinking. And when completed, it will serve as a reflection of its owner.

With prompts, tutorials, and unique packaging, Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way is a must-have for those looking to sketch and doodle their way out of an inspirational rut.

Author: Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Fprmat: Paperback

Page Count: 240

Imprint: Abrams Noterie

Publication Date: 1 June 2016

ISBN: 9781419720147