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Andrea Beaty and Dr Theanne Griffith

Exploring Flight! (Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files #1)

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Why do airplanes look the way they do? Why can't birds fly when they're first born? And why do some paper planes fly farther than others?

Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files is the perfect nonfiction resource for all these questions and more. Discover everything there is to know about flight from Ada Twist, Scientist-from information about creatures that fly, to the history of aircrafts, to modern technology that allows us to soar through the air faster than ever!

Based on the bestselling series and the new Netflix show, this nonfiction series is perfect for the youngest scientists of tomorrow!


Author: Andrea Beaty and Dr Theanne Griffith

Illustrator: David Roberts

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 80

Imprint: Amulet Books

Publication Date: 27 Jan 2022

ISBN: 9781419759253