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Paper Bird

Flight Volume 3

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Flight Volume Three is here! 

What's inside?

This volume was curated with winter in mind - think cosy art, warm stories & wintry activities & tutorials.

Our cover has been created by the magical Jasmine Seymour, whose rich colours remind us of winter sunsets. Inside, you'll find features on artists working with textiles, as well as a guide for dipping your toes into creating soft sculptures. We've got illustrations that will make you drool (perhaps literally, if you're particularly hungry), as well as a ponderous & joyful piece from ceramicist Fleur Schell. Not to mention; a trip south to Aotearoa, an artist-child collaboration for Dungeons & Dragons, a new Illustrator Toolkit (perfect for growing your illustration skills), paper engineering, and so much more.

Meet Flight
We’ve brought our love of literature and art into print! Flight is a quarterly kids illustration and story magazine, featuring artists and writers from all over the world.

All Art a Story
Flight is carefully curated to bring all kinds of spellbinding art and stories to our readers. We aim to nurture creativity in young people, so that they might dream up their own tales.

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Flight is aimed at children aged 8-15, as well as all lovers of literature and art. It forms a way to explore many different forms of storytelling and creativity.

Cover Art by Jasmine Seymour