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Josh Langley

How to Be a Wonder Hunter Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

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How do you get kids off their devices and interacting with the real world?  Get them to become a Wonder Hunter! 

Josh Langley’s wonderful new book, How to be a Wonder Hunter, invites kids to put down their devices and go on exciting new adventures and find out how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!  

Set out like a field guide, How to be a Wonder Hunter invites kids of all backgrounds and abilities to use their senses, imagination and natural curiosity to learn how to deeply interact with the world around them and the world inside them. 

How to be a Wonder Hunter also celebrates inclusion and diversity featuring accessible characters from kids using wheelchairs to non-binary people of colour.  

While devices will always play a role in the lives of Generation Alpha Being a Wonder Hunter shows kids how to balance out reliance on screentime and use their imagination and curiosity to enjoy being in the real world.


Author/ Illustrator: Josh Langley

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 106

Imprint: Big Sky Publishing

Publication Date: 3 Aug 2022

ISBN: 9781922765406