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Sally Rippin / Chris Kennet

Jack's Many Moods

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 When Jack feels good, she laughs and plays
but sometimes Jack has bad, bad days.

Sometimes, Jack's feelings are way too big! Can she find a way to balance her moods?

Welcome to the School of Monsters: the funniest, silliest and most accessible series for first readers!
Start by reading only the last word on every line and work your way up to reading the whole story. With tumbling rhymes and an infectious sense of humour, the weird and wonderful students at the School of Monsters are guaranteed to spark a love of reading!


Author: Sally Rippin

Illustrator: Chris Kennet

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 48

Imprint: Hardi Grant Children's Publishing

Publication Date: 8 Mar 2023

ISBN: 9781761211003