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H.M. Waugh

Mars Underground

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 When Dee brought Holt home to Davinci colony, there was a new sense of hope for human life on Mars. A new Y had been found - a precious boy - and more than that, there was a whole settlement still surviving at Newton. It felt like they were saved.

But now? There's been no mission organised to go to Newton. Dee is on punishment duties, and Holt and Chayse are kept hidden away with the fragile Futures. Dee is destined to join them in a prison-like life of isolation, unless they can take matters into their own hands.

Dee, Holt and Chayse set out to cross the planet to Newton via a network of subterranean tunnels. Can they reach it without encountering the Others - the sinister biocloud they've been running from? And if they make it, can they convince the Newtonians to work with Davinci - those they've been trained to hate?

A thrilling and imaginative conclusion to the Mars Duology.

Author: H.M. Waugh

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 320

Imprint: A & U Children's

Publication Date: 2 May 2023

ISBN: 9781761067105