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Deborah Frenkel & Ingrid Bartkowiak


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Look closer, look with care and you may find a forest.... Among the steel and stone canyons of the city, nature flourishes in tiny, tenacious ways.

Follow the ant (Iridomyrmex purpureus) to discover the scraps of wilderness hiding in plain sight in this lyrical celebration of urban flora and fauna.

Naturopolis is a wonderful acknowledgement of the unseen, and the world that awaits the viewer, eager to connect with nature.

You don't have to go far to find what is waiting for us beneath our feet.

A title that will be popular with families, primary classrooms and anyone who loves to celebrate the myriad of life on our planet.


Author: Deborah Frenkel

Illustrator: Ingrid Bartkowiak

Format: Hardcover

Imprint: Storytorch Press

Publication Date: 1 Aug 2022

ISBN: 9780645191530