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Peter Cheong

Nothing Alike

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Inspired by #sorrywrongasian, Nothing Alike is a slyly funny picture book for readers aged 3 to 8 years that shines a light on the tricky topic of race, micro-aggressions and stereotyping. In Nothing Alike, a white boy who can't tell his two Asian classmates apart. Or can he?
Reuben and his best friend think it's impossible to tell Esmé and Eunwoo apart! They both have the same dark hair, are both short, and they even wear the same school uniform. Except that once Reuben starts to think about it, of course he knows who is who. But the girls have a surprise in store for him. He and his best friend look more like than they realise!
With the wry humour, child-centredness and friendship dynamics of Who's Your Real Mum?, Reuben's story will inspire readers to really see people as individuals and inspire them to be better friends.


Author; Zewlan Moor

Illustrator: Peter Cheong

Format: hardcover

Imprint: Bright Light

Publication Date: 16 Aug 2023

ISBN: 9781761212239