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Bradley Christmas

Saltwater Boy

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When Matthew’s dad gets in trouble, he makes trouble for everyone else too. But with Dad in jail, Matthew and his mum have a chance to put their pieces back together.
Mum makes plans for a summer down the coast, fixing up Grandpa’s old place in an effort to make ends meet. The beach, the swirling rockpools and the vast ocean offer new perspective and promise and Matthew as he strikes up a friendship with Bill, an old local who recognises a fellow ‘Saltwater Boy’ – and shows him how to find pippis and catch fish, and even make a few dollars from it. Bill becomes the paternal figure that Dad isn’t – wise and patient – but Bill isn’t welcomed in town, and Matthew begins to witness old rivalries, and buried truths, resurface.
Then Dad gets out on parole and his recklessness puts everything, and everyone, at risk.
Heartfelt and poignant, this is a captivating coming-of-age story navigates the difficult terrain of fractured families, the lies that break, and the ties that bind.


Author: Bradley Christmas

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 400

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

Publication Date: 08 Mar 2023

ISBN: 9781760656393