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Nick Bland

Walk of the Whales

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When all of the whales in the ocean leave their home to walk around on land, people don’t quite know what to think.

But soon shopkeepers go out of business, farms are flooded with water and salt, and people shout horrible, anti-whale words.

That is, until, a smart little girl decides to ask the whales what everyone can do to help.

The CBCA judges say...

The magic and mystery of childhood imaginings are combined with the grand possibilities of illustrations, and a profound message about humanity’s interconnection with the planet. This weighty message is handled with a delicate touch, rhythmic text and a balance of imagination, humour and truth. There is a touching moment when a child querys the situation and the emotion in the whale’s blunt reply is beautifully framed by the tear in its eye. Less about pollution, this is a book about possibilities: the exchange of rubbish for the whales foregrounds the principle that for every action in nature, there is a consequence and there is always a fresh story and connection to discover.

Author & Illustrator: Nick Bland

Format: Hardback

Page Count: 32

Imprint: Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing

Publication Date: September 2021

ISBN: 9781760509026