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Natalia Skatula

Watercolor Wild and Free: Paint Cute Animals and Wildlife in 12 Easy Lessons

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Adorable animals to paint in easy watercolour techniques. Learn to paint cute animals and wildlife in this free-and-easy approach to watercolour.

Artist Natalia Skatula has a beautiful, whimsical style that will charm you through 12 simple step-by-step projects and over 100 worked examples.

Beginning with an overview on materials and equipment, Natalia then covers the general techniques needed to achieve the paintings, along with her top-10 personal tips for success.

Projects include a majestic whale, an adorable sloth, elephants, pandas, dogs, llamas, bears, foxes, rabbits and more, with a range of presentation ideas to inspire you to put your finished work on display or gift it.

The gallery of examples that follows includes plants, cats, beetles, birds, sealife, jungle creatures and fruits, giving you a treasure-trove of references for your painting.

AUTHOR: Natalia Skatula is a freelance illustrator and artist whose work is inspired by nature and the everyday. She studied Fine Art at Philipps University, Marlburg, where she gained insight into various painting techniques but fell in love with watercolour. This is her first book. Cute animal watercolour projects the top trend for modern fans of watercolour painting.

One of the bestselling watercolour books in Germany, newly translated to English. . Includes step-by-step painting tutorials plus ideas for handmade gifts including bookmarks, postcards and posters.


Author: Natalia Skatula

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 112

Imprint: David and Charles

Publication Date: 1 Oct 2020

ISBN: 9781446308264