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DK / Sanya Jain

What's the Point of Art?

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Discover why we create art and why it matters

Get ready for a fun-filled illustrated journey through art! From cave paintings to abstract sculptures, explore how artists were inspired by the world around them, how their techniques and styles evolved over time, and how their art changed the world.

Why is art important? What's so great about it? In this book, you'll see the world through famous artists' eyes, learning what inspired them to make art. Did you know that early humans spent a great deal of time on their cave paintings? And that before cameras were invented, the only way to record your face was to sit for a portrait? Many artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, used art as a language to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

What's the Point of Art? reveals how art has changed the world, one artistic movement at a time, and it is guaranteed to inspire, surprise, and entertain everybody who picks it up. If you want to learn why art has the power to be beautiful, shocking, entertaining, and even political, this is the place to start.

Author: DK

Illustrator : Sanya Jain

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 128

Imprint: Dorling Kindersley

Publication Date: 27 Feb 2024

ISBN: 9780241634738